Jérôme Barrès
Founder & CEO


Webcast Concept is the result of the meeting of technology and communication enthusiasts who believe that video is the most effective way to increase visibility and reach future customers.

This implies not only adhering to professional standards of quality, but also maintaining a pace in the long term that allows to retain and develop the acquired audience.

This regular production constitutes a significant investment of time and cost that places the user in a complicated dilemma: Do it yourself or call in a professional.

We have therefore designed an ecosystem that benefits from an ideal balance between these two aspects and optimizes both time and costs.

Our recipe is based on 3 pillars:

  • A human service provided by professionals (Directors, Coach, Editors …)

  • Favour the use of equipment that each customer already has through their smartphone or webcam

  • An online video control room to ensure the interconnection of the participants with the professionals through their equipment

This not only solves the cost/quality equation but also solves two other key issues:
The place and time of intervention!

Because we are the first users of the platform and work in close collaboration with our customers, we are improving the performance and comfort of the system every day with the aim of providing both more service and transposing technological innovations, whether it be codecs, AI or Machine Learning.

We are proud to have a service and an infrastructure whose use is our best business argument and our customers our best ambassadors.






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