A TV Studio in your Smartphone

Benefit from professional

for your recorded or live video productions!

Free yourself from technical constraints

Deliver more content without increasing your budgets

Organize your shoots and events
where and when you want it.

Video capsule Web TV Interview Testimonial Events Demonstration   Conferences Presentations Recruiting E-learning Shows Live Selling Masterclass

A professional quality service
Available when and where you like
At a cost effective buget

100% remote concept


Remote support via our online video control station to make your sequences “like a professional” with the support of a dedicated technician/producer.

A connected and mobile solution to shoot wherever you want in total freedom.
Or bring in whoever you want from anywhere.

"Any Device" concept

Always ready
Webcast Concept is designed to be used in “easy shooting” mode with your smartphone, webcam…

Control the budget of your realizations
Any configuration possible, including multi-camera and multi-stakeholder.
All remotely! !

A single concept for your recorded or live videos

Because digital communication involves both producing recorded content and broadcasting live events.

Our online control station integrates all the functionalities to meet the different types of production.

100% regular use designed concept

Our approach is the only way to ensure that you keep up with the pace and recurrence of your digital communication initiatives, and the key to perfect control.

An easy guest management concept

Interviews, expert talks or customer testimonials are all cases where you need to act quickly and ensure maximum comfort for your remote contributors.

Thanks to our “Any Device” concept, our team assists your guests in recording their intervention regardless of their level of equipment, skills and time available.